About Us

About Us 

Bala Batteekh was developed by a group of Lebanese individuals who are passionate about their culture and want to bring the graciousgenerous and fun spirit of the Lebanese people to North America.  A tiny country nestled in the Middle East on the Mediterranean coast, Lebanon has a rich history and tradition dating back thousands of years. Beirut and Byblos are amongst the oldest cities in history and have been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. But it is the resilience and fun spirit of the Lebanese people that unites us, no matter which part of Lebanon one is from. 

We at Bala Batteekh are proud of our Lebanese history, our culture and the beautiful country, that has been know for centuries as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.  We invite you to join us and be a part of our journey to express our true culture to the world.  

With every purchase from Bala Batteekh, we commit 10% of our profits to worthy Charities.

Bala Batteekh, why the name 

Bala Batteekh is literally translated to English as ‘without watermelon’, however, ‘without watermelon’ is an idiom or figurative speak for ‘without nonsense’.  When used in a conversation, one may figuratively say ‘bala phalsapheh bala batteek’, translated to ‘without philosophizing, without watermelon’.   

Our choice for the name ‘Bala Batteekh’ is to express our intentions to give you our customers great service and experience without any nonsense.  

We at Bala Batteekh believe in offering our customers convenience, quality products and great customer service because that is a true representation of our culture.  We will source the best quality and traditional Lebanese products that are not always available and accessible to North American consumers.   

If you have any concerns with products you purchase from us, we will replace those products, ‘bala as’eleh bala batteekh’, ‘no questions, no nonsense’. 

As a thoughtful and renowned Lebanese thinker once said,  

treat people as they want to be treated”                     

                                                  Abu El 3abed